The property of food depends on kitchen light design

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pendant lighting
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Nowadays kitchen as a place frequently carrying out several purposes: an office, a dining room and a room for family meetings, not just food preparation. That is why, it is extremely important to organize a multifunctional, comfortable and effective lighting in an attempt to cover all needs.

If you buy an apartment in a new house or build your own one, it is possible to make a right, functional illumination and wiring plan with an architect, designer and constructor. If not, here you find several, simple kitchen lighting design rules to improve present situation without a lot of hassle, dust and costs.

First of all, avoid extremely bright bulbs, the right choice – all fixtures will have a control vividness panel. Also, if standard switches are replaced by dimmer ones, it allows a user to economize electricity and make kitchen lighting much more functional.

Second suggestion, bulbs with warm, golden tones are preferable than others, because they dispose to relax and amicability. While cold colors are associated with hard-working and better for social places or labour locations.

The next point from our kitchen lighting design rules list is installation of tracking lighting – diversify your lamps into three categories or, in other words, levels:

1.”On the top” – down / recessed light. The aim of this kind of fixtures is to create a general lighting for the whole area. They are usually look like as small round bulbs embedded into the ceiling with medium brilliance. This type is easy in utilization and replacement, because it does not require any specific maintenance. It is possible to adjusted recessed lamps up to thirty degrees to organize eyeball, standard and wall washer trims or fill with the light even deep cabinets.

recessed light

2.”Medium” – hanging / pendant lighting. “Medium” is mostly about accent illumination – bar, table, glass-front cabinets and so forth. Its decoration is the space for any design ideas, because it should also fulfil the decorating destination, not only the basic one.

pendant lighting

3.”Lower / Local” – under-cabinet strip lighting. Speaking about task lighting, sometimes the upper cabinets or your body may block and shadows is appeared on the countertops, which could harm the cooking process. That is why, place fluorescent lights (with an appropriate length) / halogen puck lights / incandescent lights (better for ambient than working light) beneath the cupboards toward the front edge. If table tops are shining, it is preferable to use frosted bulbs or special frosted lenses for minimizing harsh reflections.

under-cabinet strip lighting

In a process of organization light in a kitchen, it is significant to pay attention not only on fixtures, but on the types of exploitable bulbs as well. Earlier we have already said that the yellow, warm lighting colour of a bulb is more likely to utilize in common kitchen area, when white cold tint is useful in under-cabinet strip, working illumination. Moreover, bulbs have different types of reflectors:

  • a) Floodlight – 70 degree wide beam is better for general lighting.
  • b) Spotlight – 12-20 degree narrow beam is better for task lighting.
  • с) A-type bulb – 360 degree standard incandescent bulb has very broad lighting, should NOT be used for recessed and task lighting.

bulbs have different types of reflectors

This information is significant to be taken into consideration, because the bulb’s capacity to illuminate a specific place is considerably dependent on the distance. The mathematical principle from the roll of kitchen lighting design rules is the following: 100% of the light riches only 1 ft. below it, then 1/4 from 1 till 2 ft., 1/9 from 2 till 3 ft. and so forth.

light distribution

In a case of light-flooded kitchen, illuminatio may be used as an accent for interest and design in cabinets with glass doors, mount LED strip lights in the back of the shelves or float shelves at open cabinets.

Finally, it is important to organize enough lighting in a kitchen, but keep in mind that too many lamps in design plan could become one of the biggest mistake.

So now spending time on food preparation will be pleasant for the whole family because you know how to light a kitchen!

P.S. However, in a case of romantic dinner, candles will be the best choice, because merely their light could create essential atmosphere.

We are highly interested in your opinion. If you have any suggestions, please write them down in the comments section. Thank you.

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